Packers’ Aaron Rodgers throws TD pass to Randall Cobb, breaks up Bears’ pass rush

Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to receiver Randall Cobb with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter Sunday against the Bears, ending a five-game losing streak for the Packers.

Rodgers scored on a 17-yard touchdown to Cobb and broke up a Bears pass rush that had been holding Green Bay to a field goal.

“I thought it was a great move to throw it right to Cobb because he’s so physical,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said.

“The way the ball was released, it was very, very good.

The whole thing was just so smooth and fast.”

Rodgers threw for 473 yards and three touchdowns and had four interceptions.

Cobb had 1 for 15 and was sacked twice.

10 of the Most Popular Art Deco Jewelry Stores in America

A new survey has found that the most popular jewelry stores in America are all in the United States.

The new survey, commissioned by the American Institute of Design and the American Art Institute, surveyed 1,001 adults in the U.S. over a 12-month period, asking what types of jewelry and accessories people purchase and how much they spend on them.

Among the most commonly bought items were handbags, necklaces, earrings, ear rings, and bracelets.

Among accessories were earrings and earrings.

The most commonly purchased earrings are $5,000 to $10,000.

The least commonly purchased ones are $100 to $500.

The survey also asked how often they would spend money on a piece of jewelry.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said they would buy an earring or earring bracelet, while 36 percent said they buy earrings or earrings bracelets, 20 percent said earrings were an occasional or occasional occasion, and 14 percent said a necklace or ear necklace is their only purchase.

Of the more than 500 items, only six were not included in the survey, which covered a wide range of styles and accessories.

For example, earphones were not counted as jewelry in the study.

Another popular item was earrings from China, with 56 percent saying they were their favorite.

The majority of earrings in the report were from China.

Other popular accessories include earrings for children and necklacing from the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Other styles of jewelry included handbags made of gold, silver, and bronze, with earrings being the most common accessory.

The most expensive jewelry item was a necklace of pearls.

The study found that jewelry is the most important piece of a man’s wardrobe.

The study also found that men prefer men’s jewelry to women’s jewelry, although women are more likely to wear earrings on occasions.