The Best of 2017: The Best Necklaces and Earrings

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up like a pirate, now’s your chance.

As of January 1, 2017, you’ll be able to buy and wear pirate jewelry at select boutiques.

In addition, royal jewelry and treasures jewelry will be available in stores starting January 3, 2018.

Read More, the Pirate Party of America announced the Pirate Day event on social media, in which participants can pay $10 to have their likeness featured in a pirate ship, and then buy a replica of it.

Pirate Party of Washington DC, which started in 2015, has been the biggest pirate party in the United States for the past year.

It’s an annual event that involves members of the Washington, DC, area’s organized pirate culture gathering, pirate ship shows, pirate auctions, and even a pirate party itself.

It’s not the first time that the Pirate Parties of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Norway have teamed up.

The Pirate Parties Australia, Norway, and Britain have been in the same boat for years.

The Pirate Parties’ biggest event was the PirateFest in 2014, which brought together over 20,000 people to the United State for a day of pirate activities.

In 2017, the groups plans for Pirate Day have evolved a bit, with the parties announcing they will be bringing a pirate themed pirate movie to a theater in Seattle on January 2.

A new type of jewelry can make you look younger

When I was a kid, my dad would go to the grocery store to pick up a bunch of things.

He would go into the gift shop and buy the most amazing things.

I loved it because he would put all the little pieces together.

He was so talented.

The best part was that I loved his creativity.

I started to think about that when I started working at my parents jewelry store.

It’s a jewelry shop that I like to visit.

It has a big, old store where my dad still works, but I’m now in charge of the store.

So, whenever my dad’s not there, I would come by.

So my dad used to say, “Hey, look at this beautiful new jewelry that you just got!” and I’d get excited.

I was like, “Wow, this is beautiful!

This is beautiful!”

I’d buy it, and I was going to put it on my head and wear it on weekends.

But I always wondered if that was how I looked.

I just thought, “Maybe that’s why my dad didn’t want me to wear that.”

So I decided to figure out what it was.

I started with a few simple measurements.

I took a ring I had and measured the circumference of it to make sure it was a reasonable size for a girl.

I used a ruler and cut it out.

I had my mom help me.

And I put on some eyeliner and put on a necklace with the same measurements.

So I went into the store and put that on.

And then I looked at my hair and it was very long.

I said, “I’m not going to wear it.”

I was just so nervous.

My dad didn and my mom and I went to his house to see if he wanted to wear the necklace.

He said, “‘No.

I don’t wear it.

That’s just a little too much.'”

But he still loved the necklace so much that he gave me a bunch and he said, ‘You can wear it anytime.’

I decided that I wanted to do something for myself.

I wanted it to look like I looked, so I put it all together.

So I went in and measured all of my hair.

I looked in my mirror and I had these really thick, thick curls.

And my dad said, `That’s not going down, it’s not getting out.

You look like a girl.’

He was like that.

So he said to me, `You look like you could go to a girls locker room and you could get a bra, you could wear a dress.

But this is the perfect thing for you.’

“I decided I needed to try to get this in shape.

And so I got a new set of measurements.

But it wasn’t going to look as perfect.

And the next day I went back and measured again.

I didn’t change anything.

It was just the same thing.

I got it the same.

So when I went on my first trip to a beauty parlor, I got the same jewelry.

It looks like this.

I wore it in my first day of the trip, and it didn’t look right.

And that’s when I decided I would try to do it the right way.

It’s not like my hair is bad.

I think I’m really good at it.

But my hair was kind of messed up and I needed some help.

So a friend of mine took the jewelry I had from my dad and started putting it on.

My mom, who was always very protective of me, was just like, `What are you doing?

You look weird!’

So I was really nervous.

I thought, `I’ll just go home and wait until the day before I leave.’

So I took my dad, my mom, and a couple other friends and we went home.

I put my hair in the bra and my necklace on.

I knew what I wanted.

So we went back to my parents and they were like, ‘No, no, you can’t do that.

You can’t wear that.’

I was embarrassed.

I went home and I sat down at the counter and my dad was like [laughs] “I don’t want you to do this.

You don’t look like me.

You have to wear something else.

“But I was able to do what I needed.

I wasn’t ashamed of it, I didn ‘t look like it.’

So it was OK.

How to Remove Black & White Eyebrows

FourFour2, a new and exclusive online magazine, has been awarded a $1 million prize from the prestigious American Museum of Natural History.

The magazine is published by four leading beauty companies: JCPenney, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

FourFour2 was launched by a trio of beauty editors who had an epiphany that it would be a perfect way to introduce women to the beauty world.

“We felt that we needed a magazine to show that there is a beautiful world out there,” said co-founder of FourFourtwo, Kate Kelly, adding that the magazine’s mission is to make beauty accessible to all.

The magazine is being published in the U.S. and Germany.

Kelly said that in order to win the prize, the magazine had to do a better job in providing women with information that they could use to make the best decisions about their appearance.

In the U-S., FourFour is aiming to reach women who might not have been familiar with the topic of black and white eyes.

They are aiming to provide a better understanding of the different shades of black eye, which are not always the same as what is seen in white eyes, Kelly said.

This is the first time FourFour has received an award from the American Museum, said Kelly, who will be presenting the award at a panel discussion on November 14 at the American Institute of Art’s Museum of Modern Art.

Kelly explained that FourFour was created as a way to teach women about black & white eye, but also to encourage them to think about it more in terms of color, texture, and how different types of makeup can help them to look more natural.

While the magazine will focus on black &white eyes, the goal is also to cover the different types and shades of brown eyes and how that affects the look of a person.

 “We want to make this the definitive guide to black & brown eyes,” Kelly said, adding the magazine also will cover black eye makeup.

Although it will focus primarily on black eyes, there will also be articles on black eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow gel, eyeliner brushes, eye shadow and more.

One of the most challenging things about creating a magazine for women is finding a topic that will appeal to a wide range of people, Kelly added.

When she began the project, Kelly had to be creative to find the perfect topic for FourFour.

She said she wanted to find an easy topic for men to learn about, while focusing on black and brown eyes. 

“There’s a lot of misconceptions that we’re trying to dispel,” she said.

“If you have any question about any of this, feel free to reach out to us.”

The editors also aim to cover things like eyeliner and eye shadow, as well as the various types of mascara, eyeliners, and brushes.

It’s important to note that these products are only available for women, and they are not available for men.

For those looking to make their own makeup, Kelly encourages people to go for products that they can make themselves.

To learn more about FourFour, click here.

More stories from the area: A man was killed in a car crash near the intersection of U.C. Davis and Alameda Street on Thursday, according to UC Berkeley police.

A woman was killed and another person injured after an apparent drive-by shooting on Friday in the North Oakland neighborhood of West Oakland.

Two people were killed and two others were wounded when gunfire erupted in a residential neighborhood on Friday afternoon in Oakland, authorities said.

Police said two men and a woman were inside a home when shots were fired, causing the home to collapse.

The wounded were transported to local hospitals.

An 18-year-old man was shot to death in the city’s northwest part on Friday evening, police said.

A 19-year old man was wounded in the leg in the gunfire and is expected to survive, according the Oakland police department.

Police arrested a man in connection with the shooting, but a motive for the shooting was not immediately known.

Another person was shot in the chest in Oakland’s West Oakland neighborhood on Saturday afternoon, police reported.

According to the city of Oakland, a group of people drove through a neighborhood in the neighborhood of La Jolla Avenue and West La Cienega Street, near the La Jollas Marina, and opened fire on them with a handgun, hitting a man and wounding a woman.

Officers responded to the scene and found a man who had been shot, and a 19- year-old woman who was grazed in the shoulder, police reports said. 

The victim was transported to a hospital and is in stable condition, authorities reported.

No further information was immediately available.

Troy County sheriff’s deputies responded to a shooting