An online jewelry store’s owner says his business is on the brink

Posted July 24, 2018 08:13:03A couple from Honolulu has been arrested on charges of selling counterfeit Hawaiian jewelry and other items online, including $1,500 earrings, in an online store and a store in a separate Hawaii county, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported.

Police say 28-year-old James “Mister” Hsu and 29-year, 26-year and 30-year old Lisa “Mimi” Wu bought Hawaiian jewelry from the online shop, Kohls Jewelry, on Monday.

They also purchased other items on a different online shopping website, MyPaintings, according to police.

Police said they recovered the stolen jewelry from Hsu’s home.

Police are not charging Hsu or Wu with a crime, but they are looking for the online store owner who was not located in the store, which has since been taken down.

The online jewelry shop, known as Kohls, is owned by Hsu.

It is operated by two employees, including Hsu himself, according the Honolulu Police Department.

Hsu said he does not have a police record and has been a licensed jewelry store owner for nearly two decades.

“I have had some people in the past that have tried to scam me, but this is the first time I’ve had someone trying to steal from me,” Hsu told the newspaper.

“I just hope the police catch them and get them off the street.”

The Star Adcomer reported that Hsu purchased earrings and bracelets from the store.

It said the items were made in Taiwan, Taiwan, China and Taiwan.

Hsu said the earrings are fake, but he is offering to sell them for $10,000.

He told the paper that he did not know who had stolen the earring and bracelet.