What’s in the RIO grande necklace

The RIO jewelry collection, which includes a bracelet and a necklace, is expected to go on sale in April 2019.

A spokeswoman for the jewelry brand said the jewelry collection is designed for both women and men.

“The RIO Grande jewelry collection has been a source of fascination for a lot of people, and we have been able to build a lasting connection with the women of the world, the women’s and girls’ communities around the world,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

“The jewelry collection includes items designed for women, as well as a collection of jewelry designed for men and boys.

It is a great opportunity for us to continue to inspire the beautiful world around us.”

The jewelry, made by the RTO family of companies, has sold for a combined $9.5 billion.

It includes a $6 billion bracelet and jewelry, as seen in a promotional video released by the company.

The bracelets feature intricate designs that have become a symbol of the RTA, the United Nations Children’s Fund, which oversees the development of the African continent.

They include the traditional RTO logo, a gold and white circle with a white crown.RTOs bracelets are often sold in high-end stores in Europe and Asia, and also in jewelry stores in the United States.