Jewelry Fresh New York Jewelry store accepts Bitcoin as payment

New York jewelry store accepts Bitcoin payment and is now accepting payments through a digital wallet, which enables people to store and share their jewelry items.

According to a statement released by the site, the move comes as a result of a growing number of online stores and businesses that have begun accepting Bitcoin.

While most major retailers and online retailers have traditionally refused to accept Bitcoin payments, many are starting to accept the currency as a payment method.

JewelryFresh has been the first and only New York-based jewelry store to accept payment using the cryptocurrency.

The new move is not only a boon for the local economy, but also a boon to consumers who are still uncertain about how they can access their favorite items, said Lisa Leicht, the company’s CEO.

Accordingly, the new move was announced during the annual Bitcoin Super Summit on April 19.

“We have had a lot of people come in and tell us how they are using Bitcoin for things like shopping,” Leicht said.

“They’re really happy about it.

We’re seeing that it’s working.

We have a really solid business.”

Leicht said she expects the new payments method will be available in the coming months.