“Stainless Steel Jewelry Box” from a store that sells stainless steel in Winnipeg

This stainless steel box from a Winnipeg store is a classic example of what is happening in Winnipeg right now.

Winnipeg is having a new style of retail.

I can see the trends.

Stainlight Jewelry, one of the stores that has come up with the stainless steel for its stainless steel boxes, has done a good job of capturing the attention of the retail community.

This is a great idea for Winnipeg.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now,” says Stacey, who has two sons.

It has always been about the product.

It is not about being fashionable or the idea that it looks great on the shelf, she says.

Stacey is excited to see the stores take their inspiration from Winnipeg.

“We’ve always had that feel that we are a place where people can come and shop and relax and just enjoy themselves,” she says, adding that she likes the idea of creating a new type of retail space.

The box is being offered in stainless steel, with a choice of black, silver, blue, brown, or gold.

It comes in three different sizes.

The stainless steel comes in a choice between a box of 1.5 to 2 cubic metres and a box with 3 to 5 cubic metres.

The box is available in silver, black, blue and gold.

What do you think of the new design?