Why I’m giving up on buying jewellery and clothes

My wife, who is divorced and living in India, has no money, and her life has become hellish.

I had given up on jewelry and clothes for her when I saw that she has been spending too much time and energy on her hobbies.

She was going to go to an art school, to a medical school, and to a private school, all for the love of her hobby of knitting.

She is not a professional, but she likes to knit.

She has been knitting for more than a decade.

And her passion has turned into a nightmare.

Her hobbies are knitting, playing tennis, and eating food.

And when she has nothing to do, she is going to the mall and buying new clothes.

When she buys clothes, she spends a lot of money, she says, because she doesn’t have time to knit or crochet, which are the two things she is supposed to do in the morning.

And she has not been able to make enough money for the clothes.

She does not know how much it will cost, and she has never planned to buy a new sweater or a pair of jeans, which she wants to keep her.

And every day she is spending her money on the clothes, but her husband is angry with her for not spending enough.

It’s like she’s spending too little money.

We live in the northern city of Chennai.

My wife’s parents live in Mumbai.

My son works in a bank.

And our daughter is studying in an engineering college.

We are working as a team to buy new clothes for them, which is why my wife and I have been doing this.

We have not planned this, and we are not planning to buy clothes, because we are going to live like this, like we have been living.

My wife is getting more and more angry at me, saying that I am spending too many money on my wife’s hobbies.

I said, Well, why are you spending so much money on your hobbies?

She said, I’m getting more angry because my wife has never done any of these things.

And my wife started to complain to me that she had to go through all the trouble to go buy clothes.

I told her, That’s because my daughter is getting older.

My daughter is just a child.

She should be living at home, not buying clothes for your wife.

She said I am not buying her clothes, and I am just spending on her, not her.

At one point, my wife had an argument with her son.

My sister-in-law was there.

My husband was there too, because I did not want to be alone with her.

My brother-in to-be also went to the same argument with his father.

My mother was there, too.

In the end, my husband was angry.

He said, You don’t want to spend too much money.

And I said that I do not want my wife to have to spend money on her hobby.

I am going to spend more money on knitting and crochet.

My next conversation with my wife is that I will be spending more money and I will not have to pay the bills.

She then went to my room and said, Don’t go out with your friends, because you don’t need them.

I replied, Oh, why?

My wife said, My mother is sick.

I went to her room.

I did the usual things I do, I came back and told her that I was not going to pay her.

She started to cry, and my brother- in-law came to my door and said to my mother, My father is sick, and the doctor says that my mother has got cancer.

My father-in law said, We are going out to the store and buying clothes, so my wife needs to spend less money.

I left the room and my wife went to a hospital to see the doctor.

She told the doctor that she does not have money to buy the clothes I have bought.

So he said that she should go to the bank.

I returned to my hotel and she told me that the bank will give me a sum of Rs 2 lakh.

I asked, Why?

I was told that the money was not enough to pay for the clothing.

So I went and asked the bank, and they told me to go back and ask for the money.

So my wife was there for two hours.

My brothers-in had to drive her to a bank, which was very inconvenient.

And then I told my wife that I did have to come to the hospital.

So she went to get a doctor.

And he said, Yes, you are ill, but it’s not that serious.

You should go home, and you can go to bed.

And that was the end of it.

My wives clothes were all torn and we were not able to replace them.

She had to get an expensive medicine to fix her injuries.

So, at the hospital, she had a scan and she was diagnosed with