What to do with the new Garnet jewelry sale?

The NFL announced on Tuesday that the league and Garnet Jewelry will close its sale of Garnet’s jewelry, and will not be selling it.

The sale marks the second major jewelry store to close since the season began.

The NFL did not disclose when the store would reopen.

Garnet will continue to offer jewelry for sale through its online store and its retail stores, which will be open on Monday.

The NFL also said it will continue paying Garnet, a Chicago-based company that makes jewelry for men and women, more than $3 million annually.

The league paid Garnet $10.3 million in 2016.

The sale comes as the league has struggled to grow the sales of the NFL’s signature footballs.

The new balls have come under scrutiny over their durability and performance, with some players voicing concerns about the accuracy of the balls and other players accusing the league of trying to protect players from injury.