Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning tools

The latest ultrasonic cleaning products to hit the market have some ultrasonic-cleaning properties.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued BELOWAurora-based Lusimix has developed a vacuum cleaner designed to clean and cleanse ultrasonic materials, like crystal and gemstones, with ultrasonic vibrations.

The company, which says it’s the first in Canada to have a “ultrasonic vacuum cleaner” available, says its cleaning technology uses ultrasonic technology to generate ultrasonic pressure, which then creates a clean surface.

It then uses an “air-based ultrasonic cleaner” to remove contaminants and debris from the surface.

“This ultrasonic vacuum cleaning technology is designed to work well for both cleaning and cleaning with a hand pump,” says Lusimmix president and CEO Mark MacGillivray.

“The vibration of the ultrasonic cleanser is so powerful that it cleans the entire surface of the gemstone, crystal, gemstone crystal, and any surrounding material and helps the gem to be removed.”

The company’s “Ultralight” ultrasonic cleaners, which come with a small air-filled tube that has been tested to help remove some microfibers, can be used to clean surfaces like gemstones and crystals, but it also has an ultrasonic “high-pressure” cleaner, which uses ultrasonics to create a vacuum that removes hard-to-reach contaminants, like oils, grease, and dirt.

The high-pressure cleaner has been designed to help clean out glass and metals, and has been shown to work effectively on diamonds, but some people say it can’t be used on gems.

“If you’re cleaning jewelry with the vacuum cleaner, it’s going to work just fine,” says Jennifer Wysor, a jewelry cleaner specialist at Jewelry, Fine & Sterling, in Ottawa.

“If you need to clean a diamond or a pearl, then I’d say to do that with a vacuum.”

Aurorascent jewelry cleaner, also available in Canada, comes with an ultrasonically clean glass and metal surface, as well as an ultrasmasonic cleaner that will vacuum and clean it.

“Ultralights” are designed to be used for cleaning jewelry that’s been polished, but the company says it can also be used as a cleaning solution for jewelry with scratches or blemishes.

“There’s a certain amount of wear to the surface of a piece, so it’s better to use a vacuum to remove any dirt, dust, and debris,” says company spokesperson Heather Riddell.

“But it can be done by hand, too.”

Lusimics’ “Ultra-low” vacuum cleaners come with an air-based cleaner that uses ultrasmasic technology to clean the surface, and an ultrasound cleaner that removes debris.

They also come with ultrasonic cleaners that are designed for cleaning and removing contaminants, but don’t come with any vacuum cleaner.

But some consumers have expressed concern that the ultrasounds don’t produce enough vacuum pressure to remove the dirt, and so the company is offering a free ultrasonic service, where customers can buy an ultraserduper vacuum cleaner that comes with a “Low Pressure” ultrasonic cleaner that can vacuum and remove dirt.

“We are excited to be introducing the Ultra-low Ultrasonic Cleaner in Canada as a new line of products designed to serve as an alternative to our high-purity, ultrasonic vacuums,” says Mark MacGuillory, president of Aurora-based LaserDynamics.

“This new line is designed for the consumer who wants to clean their precious stones with the precision and convenience of a high-tech vacuum cleaner but is also looking for a high level of ultrasonic quality.”

The high vacuum cleaners are available in six sizes, including a “Ultra” and a “High” and will be available in the summer.