‘You’re so brave’: What is nipple ring?

This ring is a nipple ring.

It’s meant to help a woman relax during pregnancy.

But, the manufacturer says, the nipple ring does not have the power to cure a birth defect.

It’s a small plastic ring that’s shaped like a nipple.

It has a small piece of material inside it, like a band or a button.

“The material of the nipple is designed to make it feel good for you and you’re not supposed to remove the material from the nipple itself,” said Dr. Lisa Krieger, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In most cases, the plastic nipple ring is made of tissue and is not meant to be removed during pregnancy, Dr Krieberg said.

But the nipple may be removed when you are in labour or delivery, or when you’re trying to deliver a baby.

The nipple ring has no health or safety concerns.

It only has one purpose, and that is to relax a woman’s uterus during pregnancy and during delivery, Dr. Krieber said.

A small plastic nipple does not cause any problems in the second trimester, which includes delivery.

The nipple is removed during the third trimester and is only removed in cases of complications.

The ring is designed for women to wear on their nipples during pregnancy but is not intended to treat a birth anomaly, like an enlarged nipple.

“It is not designed to be used to treat birth defects,” Dr Kriemberg said in an interview with ABC News.

If you do have a baby, the ring can’t be used for that purpose, she said.