JAMES ALLEN: ‘I want to give back’ to the community of West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA — Allen, who owns Jewelry Stand, is proud of his jewelry collection and his connections to the West Virginia community.

But the 70-year-old is concerned about the future of the jewelry business in the state.

“I’m very much looking at my investments, I don’t want to be in a position where I’m selling my jewelry and losing the money, and I want to contribute to the local community,” Allen said.

He also wants to see more community involvement and investment in the West Virginian economy.

Jewelry Stand will close its doors in West Virginia this month, a move that Allen says will have a significant impact on the local jewelry business.

“I want them to invest in the local economy and the local communities.

I want the jewelry industry to be here in West Virginia,” he said.

Allen has worked at Jewelry Place for more than 30 years, and the store was his first job.

In addition to his jewelry, Allen’s jewelry stand has also been instrumental in helping other businesses in the area, including the West Bank Jewish Community Center, the West VA Veterans Hospital, the U.S. Embassy, and other businesses.

After a year of selling jewelry to help support West Virginia’s Jewish community, Jewelry Store is no longer selling its jewelry, but the shop still sells other items.

The store will be closed for the summer, with the final sale date to be determined.

Allan said he hopes that Jewelry Shop will continue to be a destination for West Virginia jewelry customers.

“The jewelry business is my passion.

I like to sell jewelry to people who love it and want to wear it.

I think it’s a great business, and we’ll keep selling jewelry.

I’m going to try to help the local people out and help them be better off,” he explained.

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