Prince Albert to open jewelry store in Hong Kong

Prince Alberts Jewelers, a jewelry store that was founded in the United Kingdom, has announced plans to open a Hong Kong branch of the business in 2017.

The store will operate in the city’s Wan Chai district.

The brand is based on the jewels worn by Prince Albers.

According to its website, the Prince’s Diamonds and Jewels store will have a collection of jewelry from around the world, as well as collectibles and souvenirs from Hong Kong.

The new shop is the first of several new stores planned for Hong Kong over the next five years.

The city is set to become the fourth of its size in the world to have a licensed jeweler, with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors among its clients.

Prince Alberks Jewelers plans to offer jewellery from around Europe and the Middle East, with collections from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan.

Zales Jewelers is another jewelry store with plans to expand into Hong Kong in 2017, according to the store’s website.