‘I thought I was in trouble’: Disney princesses get new look

The Walt Disney Co. said it plans to add new princesses to its slate of Disney Princesses.

The studio said in a statement that its new “Princesses of the Crystal Empire” line of merchandise, which will debut at Disney theme parks in November, will feature “the newest additions” to the cast of the Disney animated series.

It is not yet clear which princesses will be added.

The line will include a “Twilight Sparkle,” “Aladdin,” “Maleficent” and “Prinepool.”

Disney Princess of the year, Jasmine, will be the first Disney princess to be on a “mini” set for a Disney-themed retail store, the studio said.

The company also said it will launch a new collection of Disney princess merchandise in 2018, including “Alas, there’s no Cinderella.”

The line also will include an exclusive Mickey Mouse figurine.

Disney is planning to debut a new “Aloha Barbie” line later this year.

Disney Princess merch will be available in select retail outlets.